Tax-Insight Curacao, Xandra Kleine-van Dijk


Tax advisory services

  • Thorough analyses of and legal advise on a clients fiscal position with regard to profit tax and sales tax, as well as implementation and follow up
  • In-depth advise on the fiscal and legal implications of conducting business with clients overseas, for instance on the BES islands, Aruba and the Netherlands
  • Analyses of the fiscal position of the director / majority shareholder of a company and customized advise on income tax, succession and estate planning
  • Advise on the hiring of expat personnel and the fiscal implications for employee and employer
  • Fiscal planning in case of emigration and remigration
  • Intermediary services between the client and local tax authorities, for instance in case of the need for a tax ruling
  • Estate planning for individual clients and families
  • Tax return services for profit tax and income tax
  • Implementation of e-zone structures

Legal disputes

Tax-Insight’s founding partner Xandra Kleine-van Dijk LLM is an Attorney at Law and legally represents her clients in case of a dispute.