Tax-Insight Curacao, Xandra Kleine-van Dijk

Mission and Vision

Tax-Insight is a trusted adviser to its clients and is dedicated to building and maintaining a sustainable
client-adviser relationship based on transparency, integrity, commitment and professional dedication.

Pro-activity is an absolute necessity in the field of tax advisery and estate planning. This means that Tax-Insight is dedicated to keeping a close eye on possible legislative developments that can be of influence to a client’s legal status and operations and acts in accordance to this.

To avoid disappointment leading to long term family fights, Tax-Insight is available to provide thorough analyses of the family structure and the consequences the present last will and law provides. Tax-Insight finds it essential to review and discuss the present structure with the Pater Familias (or the Mater for that matter!).

A frequent (once in the five years) review avoids unpleasant surprises and not intended consequences.